31 October 2009

2 october: a revue

"i mean, it's bangkok. surely they've seen bare arms before."

"more than ever, i am a morbidly obese person trapped inside a normal sized body."

"who knew the question of 'who the hell is that person?' could be so distracting."

"speaking of which, how is your uterus?"

"i am very hard up right now."
"yeah, um... you're married."
"OH. wait. i thought you said hyped up... you know, for diego luna."

"i am putting out buckets of nasal pudding."

"thinking that you are saying good bye to someone for the last time makes for some really messy and snotty hugs."

"so three little pigs moved to town... three little pigs bbq."

"there's a part of me that is disgusted that i'm applauding a mucus plug."

"in exchange for giving up our expectations, we get something even better."

"good heavens, girl! that is ART!"

"furniture that allows married people to partake of different entertainments while in the same room has my hearty approval."

"you've also earned the right to use the word 'stoked' though i'm only giving you that for a week and then that'll have to go."

"heh heh… supples."

"i had the 'night time logic' of 'oh no, i overheated the baby!!'."

"you ARE sasha fierce."

"heaven help me if i'm being interviewed by a fashionista who abides by the law that velvet is a fabric of the night."

"my only other thought to put in your head is that you won’t be able to give blood for a year, but I can’t remember if you are into that or not."
"um... no. i am actually not into that."

"how many round-faced people did we go to high school with? i mean, i'm looking back on this and it's like strawberry shortcake the reunion."

"i will now selfishly encourage your paper cutting endeavors in hopes of someday getting a funky elephant."

"I Am A Blazer."

"better news: my david bowie costume is AMAZING. if i do say so myself."

"what did laura ingles wilder do when she and almonzo fought? it's all so complex in this day and age."

"totally no spray paint in the city limits. i asked at home depot once and the clerk's facial reaction implied i'd asked for an abortion."

"i love the now!"

"it really does feel more like a wedding than halloween."


Les Savy Ferd said...

excellent bites.

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