06 October 2009

0 no, september, october is the month of dreams come true.

dear mr. 20th century fox,

we've been together six years now. six loooooooooooooooooongass years. please note, that is twice as long as my longest long-term relationship with any real man. and let us please also note that in those six years, for the most part, you have always let me down because you are a wicked, dirty, rotten douche.

which brings us to october 2009. most particularly, it brings us to today, when i finally held the mary tyler moore show season 5 dvd set in my very hands, further proof that, in the immortal words of des'ree, dreams can come true.

you're probably expecting me to be thanking you, mr. 20th century fox. to be gushing and singing your praises because you finally manned up and did the honorable thing. but we've been here before, mr. 20th century fox.

remember way, way back in december 2003? and june 2006. not to mention the printed insert (IT’S ON PAPER! IT HAS TO BE REAL!) in the season 4 dvd announcing season 5. and can you possibly have forgotten the “going forward we will be releasing the seasons on a 6 month schedule” press release of December 2005? i assure you, mr. 20th century fox, i have not.

i'm not going to be petty, mr. 20th century fox. i swear. i won't point out the lack of special features or the packaging's increasingly crappy downward turn. no, no. i know you hate commitment. i know this was a big step for you and i'll take what i can get.

so here we are, mr. 20th century fox, after all these years, you and i, together again. but do remember, mr. 20th century fox, i’m no idiot. i'll give you a break because you've been good to me today, but listen up.

there's two seasons left. seriously, mr. 20th century fox. don't let a girl down.


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