30 October 2009

9 dear brad pitt (circa 1995) guy from last night on the howard train,

so, yeah. i am the silly girl who stealthily took your picture while pretending to read lulu meets god. mostly because when lindear returns from her lying-in and reads this, i wanted cold, hard proof that i am not peddling in untruthiness for the sake of a story. that this really did happen. that there really are various incarnations of pre-angelina brad pitts haunting the red line at night. and that meet joe black brad was reading twilight with an unparalleled fervor.


Les Savy Ferd said...

Oh meet joe black brad pitt. what a terrible terrible personification of death in a terrible terrible film seated on a terrible terrible public transportation system reading a terrible terrible book.

oline said...

someone clearly woke up on the terrible side of the bed.

will you disown me if i actually kind of like MJB? would you be rid of my family altogether if i admit that my father and i had a deep conversation featuring select dialog from MJB just the other day?

and i'm not saying that actually happened, i'm just testing the limits of your friendship.

Linda said...

I think mjb is so terrible because it stole 8 hours of my life (or however long that movie was... I think I celebrated two birthdays in the theater).

but I digress, and I applaud your truthiness!

oline said...

and i applaud your speedy return to digital life. didn't you have a baby like an hour ago?!

Les Savy Ferd said...

it would take more the mjb to rend what the UofC and since has brought together.

oline said...

aw, pirate, that's sweet.

and thank you for resurrecting the 69LSs. you know how i heart them.

Meggie said...

1) I liked MJB. Never saw it though til it came out on cable.

2) I liked the Twilight series. Sometimes I just want some crap books to read. That is what Twilight is for.

oline said...

but they cut all the philosophizing out of the cable version!

and i would like it admitted into the public record that i am now reading twilight for croftie. which has bought me some many many more years on the harry potter hospitalization curse.

Lara Ehrlich said...

Hm... never said YEARS... mere months, perhaps... [evil laugh]