05 September 2009

3 is it wrong that i'm kind of in love with curtis sittenfeld?

because i have a sneaking suspicion curtis sittenfeld and i could sit down together and have a long talk and a really good cup of coffee. i get the sense she knows me better than i know myself.

exhibit a:
"I'd always loved the part in movies when a project, or even a person's whole life, came together: the montage, set to uplifting music where you saw the spunky multicultural kids set aside their differences and fix up the old man's house, straighten the hanging shutters, paint the outside, mow the lawn, and week the flowerbed; or the twentysomething woman who finally lost weight, dancing through aerobics classes, mopping her brow while she rode a gym bike, with a white towel around her neck, and then at last she emerged from the bathroom all cleaned up, bashful but beautiful (of course, she had no idea how beautiful), and her best friend hugged her before she left for the date or party that would be her triumph. I wanted to be that person, and I wanted the in-between time when I improved myself to glide by just that smoothly, with its own festive soundtrack."


Linda said...

is there a book recommendation hidden in here somewhere? did you just read something of hers? do tell!

oline said...

yeah there is. i've read american wife a rather embarrassing two times in the last three months and am on the cusp of finishing prep and am nursing a monumental crush made only slightly more socially acceptable by the fact that ms. sittenfeld has a boy first name. and i may only be saying this because i've been reading the sweet valley high books in the interim and i think dan quayle could pen a first person female narrative with more emotional accuracy than sweet valley high, but my girl curtis just nails it. absolutely nails it. but then i've always been a sucker for anyone who can put into words and on paper thoughts i've always thought but never thought anyone shared.

(and no, she has not paid me to endorse her and yes, by doing so i'm sure i've now guaranteed her a cover story on vanity fair. grrrr.)

Linda said...