26 August 2009

6 one can only assume that this concludes THE SUMMER OF DEATH... (but then dominick dunne went and died, disproving that theory so now we're left to theorize that maybe now it's just THE [2nd generation kennedys and their court's] SUMMER OF DEATH. if i were our dear friend c. david heymann i'd watch out.)

teddy and i don't go back very far. well, we do by default simply because he's eulogized pretty much all of my biographical crushes, but i don't have a big Teddy Anecdote beyond what i've said before:

i've dated teddys.

i feel sorry for teddys.

i want nothing to do with teddys.

teddys are bad, bad news.

teddy will be remembered for many, many things, but i think it is quite possibly teddy's greatest accomplishment that he was able to overcome being a teddy and get something done. it was probably also his greatest sacrifice.

there was this moment on the evening january 20, 1961 when, in the grandstands of the national guard armory at his brother's inaugural ball, the stunning joan kennedy leaned over to her husband teddy and asked if he was serious about moving to california to start a life completely apart from his family and their politics.

he was. but he didn't. i shudder to think what america would be if he had.

(as a mood-destroying kennedy-related sidenote: OMG! jamie auchincloss was indicted for child porn!!!)


Linda said...

I'm super duper curious... just as all the major news outlets no doubt had their "teddy died!" stories written months ago, did you also have this on file and ready for when it happened???? you are your own type of broadcast, after all.

oline said...

i actually did not. i had thought about it but didn't get around to it so this was my genuine response to the news "teddy died!"

Linda said...

love it. (would have loved it either way, obviously)

Lara Ehrlich said...

But you HAVE written a premature "response" to the tragic demise of Liz... wishful thinking, perhaps?

Linda said...

ooh, busted!

oline said...

in my defense that is for other News Outlets... not this one.