27 August 2009

3 really now

today, we reached a new low in these days of our chicago SUMMER OF DEATH. today i had to send my dear croftie this email:

so, just to recap. there are face-punching midnight marauders in lincoln park and burley lunchtime butcher-knifers in the loop.

and they think the olympics are going to destroy our city?


Lara Ehrlich said...

Nope, wasn't me. But I was just down the street enjoying a pleasant luncheon while a butcher knife-wielding crazy person was shot to death in front of the store where I get my discounted fancy shirts.

Lara Ehrlich said...

What is our city coming to?

oline said...

i guess we shouldn't worry. it'll be twelve below soon enough and no one will ever be outside. we'll be safer then.