10 August 2009

6 and... we're back.

i've had an epiphany.

eF and i have seen each other 3 times this summer. the deaths of ed mcmahon, billy mays, farrah fawcett, michael jackson, walter cronkite, and john hughes all occurred either before or during our travels.

clearly, we are somehow linked to THE SUMMER OF DEATH.

(and no, eunice has not died but it seems you are all awaiting an acknowledgement. there it is.)


Les Savy Ferd said...

mad men!


(mad men)

mad men mad men,

mad men

oline said...

WHAT'S HAPPENING??? i need to know where you are.

and i can hook you up with season 2 with the proviso that you finish 1 by 9/11 so eF can partake.

Les Savy Ferd said...

that seems reasonable. we're going at a good clip. I think we just finished the 2nd disc. so... we're like 6 down?

what just happened? the lipstick episode.

Linda said...

no, no, not just a mention. i NEED your kennedy rants! how else will I learn about them?

I'm kennedy ig'nurnt.

oline said...

i honestly have very little to say about good ole eunie, having always been more into the wives than the sisters. and eunice is really only interesting to me through rosemary, her mildly retarded sister who poor, stupid, control-freak joe kennedy had lobotomized and then shipped off to wisconsin for the rest of her life. yes, without eunice there would be no special olympics, but without rosemary there probably wouldn't be either. and the obits have done a pretty good job pointing that out.

BUT, i have three tidbits and you can do with them what you will.

(1) eunice brought pb&js on all the kennedy sailing trips and jackie's kids always begged for her lunches vs. their mother's foie de gras.

(2) she is the only kennedy to have ever even remotely acknowledged that the something that was probably going on between jackie and bobby was going on between jackie and bobby.

(3) when once speaking to biographer barbara gibbons sometime in the early 70s, eunice scratched her crotch- a fact that has stuck with me and teaches us all the invaluable lesson that we must never scratch our crotches in the presence of biographers.

so there you go. do you feel adequately learned?

PLEASE NOTE: eF drove home today. eunice died. coincidence? i think not.

Linda said...