03 June 2009

6 trampoline

today i wore a skirt.

a lovely springy green skirt.

i had some reservations, but The Family was out and i was all devil-may-care. i thought i could pull it off.

i rationalized that even if it wasn't exactly "professional," it most certainly wasn't "unprofessional."

of course it wasn't until i was actually in the building that i realized my lovely springy skirt sported a back slit that made my ass look like a refugee from a sir mix a lot music video.


Meggie said...

So, what are you wearing today?

I need a fashion update. :)

oline said...

today i am excessively dowdy.

Les Savy Ferd said...

hehe, trampoline. gets me every time. because its a real word you see. trampoline, that bouncy table looking thing. but then it is also a portmanteau of hilarity AT THE SAME TIME.

oline said...

"portmanteau of hilarity"?!

i do believe old age has vastened your dexterity with the wordery.

Les Savy Ferd said...

I was going to say that I am as old as the hills, but I've seen some hills that are downright youthful and spry in their gentling sloping ways. This old man can't hope to compete with that kind of exuberance.

oline said...

you are only one day older than you were yesterday, so i'd say there's still some life left in you.