30 June 2009

3 june: a revue

"i salute you in your half-hearted endeavor."

"it is new! it is fun! it is love!"

"no woman should be this excited about fish oil."

"well, her vagina's not 6' 2"."

"it was like giving birth to a hairball."

"we are reaching an age where will begin to lament never having learned to sew."

"that would be profoundly romantic, to be able to announce a birth to someone in paris."

"which raises the question of whether he is trying to have relationships or cast a broadway musical..."

"women who previously would not make eye contact or who haven’t had sex since the 30’s will suddenly envelop you into this secret club."

"i feel like i need a bra for my tummy."

"if/when you get a baby put in you..."

"apparently they only make blackout curtains in colors that would be suitable for the bedroom of liberace."

"so let's talk about your butt."

"they have the best children's clothes in europe."
"well, they've been having babies so much longer than us."

"clearly, i never should have bragged about how my vegetable/fruit/fish lifestyle change had made me the healthiest person i know."

"eatons love organization."

"just don't get comfy enough to leave poops in."

"i think the whole of adulthood is coming to terms with the fact that you actually love all of the things you made fun of as a teenager."

"i love your laugh. i think it's very graphic."

"seagulls, i believe, are a portal to hell."

"your laughter really sheds the light on who we are."

"i've never been to The Taste."
"it's awful. it's like 5,000 walmarts rolled into one."

"clitorally, she's a bitch."

"so the truth is dawning in your loins?"


Les Savy Ferd said...

i cried like a wee bairn at the play last night yee of stony hearts.

oline said...

crap. we've been outed as a couple of cold hearts.

Les Savy Ferd said...

more liked jaded and cynical of a world where melodrama runs rampant. Sometime the mellow dram gets me though.