18 May 2009

2 more

food is very important to girls. there's probably some deep socio-psychological home economics reason for that, but all i know is this that food is very important to girls.

case in point, the friday cupcake.

every friday, MORE over on delaware offers a cocktail-themed cupcake tasting. croftie discovered this a couple months ago and since we love nothing more than cupcakes and free things, this has become the friday ritual.

true to character, i stick to the strawberry bellini shot and croftie leaps for whatever's most exotic.

this is something that we look forward to all week long. as in, on monday, our emails are littered with the refrain, oh, the friday cupcake!

i'm not entirely sure why this is. why a tiny iced cake should be quite so exciting. but there's just something rather delightful about the anticipation of something so small, in looking forward all week to a sweetness that only lasts a bite.


Lara Ehrlich said...

Oh, so true! Case in point: braving 2 miles of wind and rain last Friday, just for that one glorious bite.

oline said...

though i've just barely begun to regain control of my wind-swept hair, it was so worth it.