03 April 2009

0 feeb

i love beef. so does croftie. it's amazing the tricks the mind will play when you love something so much. today, amidst the flower show at macy's, we simultaneously caught a wave of what could only be described as truly decadent beef smell.

i'm not ashamed to admit we followed this scent through all the departments we usually avoid- scurrying through the corridor of judgmental beauticians, holding our breath as we powered through the humid stench of women's fragrance, averting our innocent eyes in men's underwear.

meeting no luck, we took our quest to the basement, where we assumed a cooking demo must be in progress. alas! no! undermined at every turn, we threw our hands helplessly in the air and asked the obvious question: where's the beef?

it wasn't until macy's hemorrhaged (and no, there is no better word for the disorientation upon exit) us back onto the street that we wandered onto randolph and encountered an area consumed by smoke.

we had mistaken fire for beef.

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