30 April 2009

0 april: a revue

"that would pretty much derail the cool train, baby."

"yes, we have pencil plans."

"it's a summer-time-wedding-guest-dress."

"i covet your weird bees."

"apparently people on diets love it."

"is there any better pick-me-up than beans?"

"why would anyone ever need anything to be more filling than pasta?"

"i gots to know!"

"he's the cousin oliver of my fucked up relationships."

"nothing says sex like kittens and strawberries."

"it was such a relief to have someone in church praying out loud about it on sunday."

"i think there should be cake."

"oooh. let's get our hands done."

"he looked either gay or like a christian music singer."

"yeah, you definitely need to be engaged to go there. people don't just move to milwaukee."

"mmm. cake."

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