01 November 2008

4 "where did we lose our fuzzy bears?"

"wasn't it supposed to be the hottest halloween ever?
why is it so fucking cold?"

"we said they weren't worth the $30, but they totally were, right?"

"this is the closest i've ever come to smoking a cigarette
and i'm still an entire foot away."

"they were talking about how you being dressed as burnt dj a.m.
was in poor taste and somehow that got around to the fact that
only famous people ever live and yet audrey hepburn is dead."

"you totally should cut your hair like that wig.
and we're not all just being assholes when we say that.
you should really pay someone to cut it like that."

"god! i love sarah palin! i'm a republican!"
"yeah, dude, she's being ironic."

"my lips really hurt."

"i can't imagine what my hair is going to be when this thing comes off."


Daniel Noah said...

GREAT pics! I'm so jealous I didn't get an invite to this party! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

taramoon333 said...

Great pics. I want copies!!!!

oline said...

of course. wasn't that the price of admission?

how're your lips? perhaps more importantly, is the roommate still alive and in one piece, dr. acula?

taramoon333 said...

my lips are still lraw, but ok. The roommate is barely breathing, but still alive. ; )