24 November 2008

6 when it comes to hair, i am a bitch

(it's a weak defense, but i've earned the right, having spent the entire decade of the 90s mired in hair that- combined with the fact that my best friend was nicknamed partner and i was unknowingly dating a gay man- virtually guaranteed that there will be a surprised gasp of "oh, she isn't a dyke?!" should i ever choose to attend a reunion.)

two things:

(1) a woman in our office got this new hairstyle. a hairstyle so over-processed and suspiciously synthetic, i came this close to complimenting her on the new wig.

(2) today i wore a garnished headband that has variously been called a "hairpiece" and a "bow." seriously, people. it is clearly a dimonique-studded teal satin ribbon rosette.


Les Savy Ferd said...

my hair is pointy.

oline said...

i imagine you were born with the pointy hair.

Meggie said...

Haha. High school hair. Sadly, I think my 6th grade hair was worse than your high school hair.

But we make up for it by having completly fab hair now.

oline said...

see, i'm such a good friend, i wasn't even going to say a word about your 6th great hair. nary a word. not a thing. [silence.]

oline said...

but clearly my subconscious belief of its greatness crept in there.

Meggie said...


Hey Caro! You know what today is???

I've been up since 4:30 a.m.