30 November 2008

0 november: a revue

"they are probably the healthiest members of the fry kingdom."

"i think the word 'relationship' is being used a little too liberally here."

"well if it's on facebook, it has to be true."

"oh, it was just zoe. i thought it was pearl doing a face-plant in the candy dish."

"sometimes parents can become clueless old people sooner than we expect."

"this is a pivotal visit! the first time you've seen him since you've voted for a winning president."

"never in my life have i been so excited about girlie drinkie drinks."

"they might be bunking in a manger but at least they'll be bunked."

"i just suck sometimes."
"if it makes you feel any better, i'm a selfish bitch who orchestrates her life to be as big an inconvenience as possible for everyone around me."
"yeah, well that's just speculation. i'm proven to suck."

"hopefully he will die and this will never become an issue."

"and i totally understand if you don't want to talk about your mom's uterus anymore."

"it's like a shower of awesomes over here."

"the snow makes me so happy. i could just write a book about it."

"i didn't rob the cradle, but it was still rocking."

"today is the day linda will not be a Team Player."

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