28 November 2008

3 and then there was thanksgiving

mississippi gothic.

the joy of construction.

the turkey, before.

the turkey, after.

pecan picking.

the pecan tree.

the stockpile.

the shitty lands.


girls survey their shitty lands.

"i didn't realize you were such a fan of repetitive, menial labor."

the white socks were a bad choice.

darcy meets the horses.



Clark MF Price said...

No mustache?
That is definitely a big life decision.

Les Savy Ferd said...

you look sort of like a jockey in the "girls survey their shitty lands" pic. or at the very least a gondolier. not meant as a slight by any means, just saying.

oline said...

for some reason i am outrageously pleased about looking like a gondolier.

(snow. yay.)