02 October 2008

5 a picture is worth a thousand words

well, maybe not that many. but there are some fundamental- inconvenient, some might say- truths here.

1) bono is in tour shape. which clearly indicates a u2 winter tour.
2) al gore is blond. which clearly indicates the apocalyse has come.


Les Savy Ferd said...

ah Fall, when you can finally sip an amber Gore lager instead of the more traditional Guinness-esque heavy stout.

(btw) Pitchfork recently lauded the re-released U2 live album: Under a Blood red Sky.

I need to get in tour shape. Right now i got wedding shape. which isn't quite the same.

oline said...

did you get a wedding haircut? which brings up the question: when did i see you last?

Meggie said...

Caro, Al Gore is grey--not blonde.

And you should know as a Tennesseean that you never knock on Al Gore.

oline said...

he looks blond there. and as someone who still holds out hope that al is going to jump in the election and turn the world around, i would never knock on him.

Les Savy Ferd said...

"I would never knock on him." That's not what I have heard, zing!

But seriously, I'm a huge Biden fan. I know he's began working in Washington at the time when dinosaurs still walked the earth (so, you know, as Palin very much believes, about 4000 years ago) but the guy screams blunt, direct Good Guy to me.