31 October 2008

0 october: a revue

"well, at least then you can say you're a published author..."
"yeah, that'll really open up a whole new realm of administrative jobs."

"i listened to the titanic soundrack on the way to work, which was kind of the musical equivalent of 'shoot me in the head,' but i'm feeling like life isn't all so bad because at least i'm not dying on a piece of driftwood in the atlantic."

"no hurt feelings is kind of the goal of an adult relationship."

"it's like i'm over here giving head to a lollypop."

"lifting weights is definitely working, because i can hold my gun up much longer."

"oh great. harvest festival. what better way to celebrate the harvest than standing in the lobby of an office building."

"he's not in love. he's just friendly."

"i feel like the last 8 years weren't a total waste since we got an oliver stone movie out of them."

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