26 September 2008

5 the unanticipated parental response to an eye infection & the (medicinal) pirate patch

an average of twelve ARRRRRGHs per phone call and the suggestion that eye patches are classy and cool because angelina jolie wore one in a movie in which gwyneth paltrow co-starred.


Les Savy Ferd said...

angelina jolie, classy?

news to me.

Meggie said...

*dies laughing*

Please please please please PLEASE tell me that you are gonna send a pic to me. PLEASE!!!

Les Savy Ferd said...

for a dead girl, you sure do a lot of blog postin'.

oline said...

i think gwyneth brought the class and angie brought the cool.

there will be no pictures.

have i died?

Meggie said...

Caro... I *need* pictures. Pictures are a necessity.

BTW, 9% to go!