30 September 2008

2 september: a revue

"yeah, i remember natalie holloway. how could i ever forget natalie holloway? she ruined our number one go-to destination."

"we're girls. we get omg."

"i'm glad to see he is consistent in his pursuit of small sandwiches."

"somehow no one called her out on that. how the hell do you know what a horse vagina looks like? what are you doing up there in milwaukee?!"

"it is my dream to bring something to the masses... i just don't know what exactly."

"it is a world of drear out there."

"it's so much more impactful when bad news is prefaced with 'hey girl!'"

"it's the decline of western civilization and i want a front row seat."

"white people love wayne brady."
"he's the white man's black man."

"when given a choice, always go with pacific islander."

"don't give me those eyebrows."

"i just wanted to know if you have any updates so i'm not left holding the bag of ignorance."

"as far as i'm concerned, condoms can just not exist when it comes to conversations with family members."

"apparently my eyes are very expressive so i'll keep them shut for a moment and you can get it on with stevie wonder."


taramoon333 said...

The bag of ignorance comment, that's Lexi right? It sounds like her. anyway, it's pretty funny and I might steal it!
Revenge is sweet.

oline said...

yep, that would be good old lx.

and i heard there was lunching without me?! single tear...