29 September 2008

4 deductive reasoning & JEFF DANIELS


JEFF DANIELS walks through doors.

i walked through a door with JEFF DANIELS.

i am now inexpressibly more special than everyone else
(except, maybe, JEFF DANIELS).

because JEFF DANIELS wouldn't walk through a door with just any girl.

because he's JEFF DANIELS.


oline said...

i thought i'd follow up my critically acclaimed Best Writing Ever with some really really deep shit.

Meggie said...

Um, Caro... I love you. And you know I love the movie "Speed" but isn't Jeff Daniels kind of a has been?

oline said...


Les Savy Ferd said...

I've always wanted to be part of the "two first name" crowd, like Jeff. There are too many others to list here.