30 August 2008

6 august: a revue

and, apparently, a month in which there wasn't much to say.


"don't trust those guys with that slicked back hair."

"oh, the easy-going days of dating people you knew you'd never have kids with."

"but, really, can one ever have too much blue?"

"you are clearly the most progressive person i know as far as hygiene methods."

"i've been invaded by a molting smurf."

"he's like, '....lexie....it's...phil.'"
"yeah, it's like, 'who are you? who am i?'"

"there's a lot of touching yourself in burlesque."

"that's not tiki, it's tacky."

"so now I have this tiny irrational fear that we're going to be beheaded in johnson city, just because I went there one time by greyhound bus."

"i'm this close to being turned on by my own hair."

"you can take that down, because we bought a rifle."

"such delusions of grandeur. but, really, who doesn't want to be the mother of jesus? who doesn't want to give birth in a barn?"

"you're the kind of woman who needs additional seating."


Clark MF Price said...

Damn toilet phone made the quotes so scant!

oline said...

yep. usually i can do some end of the month conversating when the quotes are looking skimpy. stupid toilet phone.

Clark MF Price said...

Wait, Wait.
If I get a call in the latter part of the month, it is because you want a juicy tidbit for your quotes?

I feel so used...

oline said...

oh you know you're flattered.

Clark MF Price said...

Flattered?!! Me?!! I am always indignant!!

taramoon333 said...

I can tell we have not hung out enough this month. I'm not on the quotables. sad story!