11 June 2008

2 ouch, my heart.

i want a collie. to the extent that my heart cramps up at the sight of other people's collies. because there they are all gorgeous and smiling with their hair flopping about in the wind like farrah fawcett. i want one. i may have mentioned that once or twice before. because i really really really want want want one. (isn't neediness attractive?)

yesterday, in our epic 12 mile walk of the 3 miles home, after we'd pretty much who would you rathered everyone under the sun and arrived at the obvious truth that christian bale always wins, frankpank and i fell into more fanciful hypotheticals. the end result being that we now know i would willingly sacrifice the vieve's tail for four fuzzy collies. and somehow, the fact that bingley, knightley, swarley and toulouse now have names just makes me want them that much more.


Les Savy Ferd said...

Sometimes, I'm amazed I can actually read and understand other people's thoughts as they intend them to be comprehended. My mind re-interprets and free associates things so fast as to render them almost entirely brankrupt of their original meanings.

For example, I know what the actual words are that you listed as names for your future dog-corps. But I read: Chinandler (through Friends via Bing + TV Guide), Knightley (which I read literally but did have a chiseled feminine chin spring to mind), Barney (Swarls Barkley?), and Tollhouse and then immediately wanted cookies.

oline said...

there were two awesome nuggets (gw!) to be gleaned there:

(1) dog-corps.
(2) tollhouse.

i'm not sure which was more awesomer. unless there were to be a tollhouse dog-corps. which would fit perfectly into the gilt-covered sleigh concept that frankpank and i went on to develop. because who wouldn't want to receive fresh baked cookies for a raven haired woman in a white flowing gown in a gilt-covered sleigh drawn by four fluffy collies?