13 April 2008

6 pay day

on friday, i had $10.71 in the bank.

yesterday, i swam the english channel, scaled everest, developed ground-breaking computer technology, wrote the great american novel, won the nobel prize (twice), was awarded the pulitzer, painted a masterpiece, invented an ice cream, and retired with $1.2 million despite being a tax-paying IT/salesperson who had twins and never earned a college degree.

so maybe grad school was a little unnecessary?


Meggie said...

How did you get only one set of twins??? Last time I played that game, I had to get another car to follow me around with all the stupid kids. I ended up with like 8 or 9 of 'em.

oline said...

there seemed to be a more efficacious use of prophylactics this go-round than in times past.

Les Savy Ferd said...

lemme guess their names.

Phyllo and Guildenstern.

am i right?

i'm right.

oh yeah.

*continues being right*


oline said...

i was thinking presley and beaulieu but phyllo and guildenstern will work just as well.

how went the planning of The Thing?

Linda said...

apparently the players of the game of Life take a lot of fertility medication.

Les Savy Ferd said...

the planning of the Thing went splendidly. there was even a dress picking out, which i was sadly not a part of. not sadly in that i wanted to pick/wear a dress, but in that i really want to see it!