28 April 2008

3 why i heart skirts

i wore pants to work for the first time in forever.
the end result?
i've felt like a dude all day long.


Les Savy Ferd said...

us dudes do wear us some pantaloons.

Linda said...

did you not rock the pants with sexy lady shoes? why the dude feelings? or was it one of those things where you sit down and the crotch of your pants bumps up and looks like a penis?

oline said...

i believe, my friend, that what you are referring to is typically called "the pants tent." and no, the pants tent has not been my problem today. think it's partly the gloom, partly that i'm wearing brown loafers with ABC laces, partly the fact i didn't shave my legs this morning, and partly that i keep shoving my hair up into my hat every time i go outside, which seems terribly oliver twist and very dude.

obviously there were a lot of parts to this FEELing.