24 April 2008

6 disclaimed

i've been converting my undergraduate and grad school stuff to readable files. it is such an odd sensation to go back and read your own writing years down the road. because i vividly remember the writing of it. the situation or the emotions that drove it. the bowl of shredded wheat beside the computer. the song that was playing (one song, on repeat, all night long). i remember the details.

there was this one paper senior year. in early december. i vividly remember staying up all night long- fueled by chocolate cake- glaring at the computer trying to write these damned 15 pages on the literary significance of satin and chiffon. i vividly remember how important it seemed to make a point that there was, indeed, some significance. and how important it was that point be a full 15 pages. which was a near impossibility because, as it turned out, at that time there was not a world of sources on the literary significance of satin and chiffon. i remember all of that.

what i don't necessarily remember is the actual writing. what i do not remember at all is this:

WHO was this crazy person? surely not me. surely some evil (thoroughly uncooperative) melodramatic entity forged this document to impugn my name.


Les Savy Ferd said...

impugn? gw.

oline said...

really? so you're impuging impugn?

Les Savy Ferd said...

i'm impugning your impugn. double gw score.

Dananator said...
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Dananator said...

Oh my god. I love this.

If ever one of my students includes a letter like this along with a research paper, I will heart them forever. In fact, I strongly believe that Dr. Marsh is somewhere hearting you right now.

oline said...

i think this got an a-. so maybe it was because of the disclaimer?