24 February 2008

5 viva chicago!

i've had the plague. it has apparently left me so snotty and insensible that i only just this morning resurfaced from my delirium to realize i have lazed through the entire week and weekend of my chiversary.

this time for celebrating my city has instead been spent swanning about the sofa, being intimate with a box of kleenex, mainlining vitamin water, downing super-extreme-extra-maximum-strength decongestants, and beseeching the vieve for pity (alas, she has none).

thus, i did only one girl in the city thing on this my second chiversary. actually, make that two.

one, i accompanied croftie to try on dresses for The Thing That Is Happening Next October (never mind that i sneezed and wheezed and snotted in the sacred presence of vera wang).

two, i woke up this morning and dragged my coughing, sneezing, snotty self from bed, and in the glow of the christmas tree i have yet to take down, the vieve nuzzling my bare legs, i stood in the kitchen sipping champagne on a sunday at 7 a.m.

sometimes the smallest celebrations are the best.


Linda said...

nothing says "yummy" like champagne on a sunday morning when you're sick. but congrats on your chiversary, my dear! I know the two of you have been very happy together these two years.

Les Savy Ferd said...

y'know, you can go ahead and call It by It's actual name, It's not Lord Voldemort or something, and the worst thing that could happen in these cases is by saying It's name, It happens, and that'd be a good thing.

Hope you feel better, Snuffles, I'd hate to miss the chick-flick/porn a second time around.

oline said...

never fear, pirate. there will be dick.

Les Savy Ferd said...

I've abandoned my child!
I've abandoned my boy!
(give me the blood, Eli)

oline said...

why, dougo, why? i don't get it. (though i do love watching daniel day-lewis play timothy dalton.)