19 February 2008

1 foosed:

function: verb, noun
inflected form(s): a foose; foosal; foosing; foosted; foosification
date: 21st century

1 a: to call someone more than 5 times in a 1 hour period; b: to do so while simultaneously emailing; c: and having them paged.

2 to include the phrase "well, when you're done with him, come do me" in 37% of all conversations.

3 to misjudge the required quantity of an item by more than 800.

4 to identify a crisis involving the production of 1,000 specially produced multi-media pieces that must be stuffed into 1,000 specially printed envelopes less than 48hours prior to the moment in which the 1,000 specially produced and stuffed multi-media and printed pieces will be required in a city to which fed ex does not priority overnight.

exhibit a:

1 comment:

Les Savy Ferd said...

No, i shall not give you any more packets! I re-foose.