09 January 2008

4 under pressure

i don't pay attention to people on the street. because they ask inane things like: do you hate the environment? did you know you're killing babies? are you going to hell?! and let's be honest, if i'm an SUV-driving, devil worshipping, baby killer, i'm probably not going to have a conversion experience outside arby's.

but sometimes, despite blinders, you do notice people. there was this guy who frequented the corner by our office for months. he wore army fatigues, a random printed scarf covering a hairdo beloved by frat boys the world over, and brandished his propaganda with a militant flourish. always ipoding, i remained ignorant of his message, which lent his protest the cinematic gravitas of a james blunt music video directed by oliver stone. then he disappeared. i assumed it was something to do with the patriot act. my life went on.

but with our recent winter reprieve, the guy was back. and, finally, for the first time, i listened to him. much to my surprise he wasn't a religious zealot fighting for the army of God nor a political protester petitioning for his fratty rights. he was begging, beseeching, in a tone riddled with the desperation of someone whose livelihood is dependent upon a stranger's acceptance of a hot pink flyer. he was a warrior crying for the workers among us to cater our working lunches and our working dinners and our working receptions from his restaurant. gaza.

because when us city people are hungry, we think, hamas!


Linda said...

Poor man. All these months it really was a noble cause!

Les Savy Ferd said...

i wish i believed that strongly in something *sigh*

oline said...

you don't? what about SoSlo?

Les Savy Ferd said...

i actually believe in lots of stuff, i just heard all the cool kids were feigning ennui. *sigh* got that part down. *sigh*