21 December 2007

4 reasons not to get knocked up

chinaman: "oline, what you typed was beautiful. just beautiful. a normal person couldn't have done that. you must have an exceptional mind. i want to do something for you to show my gratitude. i could make some calls to the white house. do you know anyone who's having a baby?"

oline: "i don't know anyone who's having a baby."

chinaman: "you should really have one and i can have the president send a card. they do a lovely card and the child will never forget it."


Les Savy Ferd said...

er, whaaaaa? *facial expression of complete befuddled behooslement*

by the way, Dude, Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.

oline said...

chinaman- as in man with the dishes. not as in man from the country.

i swear i'm not racist.

and i understand the befuddlement. aren't we all befuddled about the babies...

Linda said...

oline is racist, but just against white people. under that pale complexion, she is the most soulful of sistas.

oline said...

as a leading member of the black business community of memphis, i'd have to agree with that.