31 December 2007

3 the old year

madame du barry (haslip)
forever amber (winsor)
the favourite: sarah, duchess of marlborough (field)
sense & sensibility (austen)
farewell, my queen (thomas)
wives & daughters (gaskell)
away with the fairies (greenwood)
florence harding: the first lady, the jazz age & the death (anthony)
les liaisons dangereuses (laclos)
theatre (maugham)
diana: in search of herself (smith)
the painted veil (maugham)
perdita: the literary, theatrical scandalous life of mary robinson (byrne)
maria fitzherbert: the secret wife of george iv (munson)
bel canto (patchett)
emilie's voice (dunlap)
what would jackie do? (branch, callaway)
mozart's women (glover)
love & madness: the murder of martha ray (levy)
learning to fly: the autobiography (beckham)
once upon a time: behind the fairy tale of grace & rainier (taraborrelli)
a disorder peculiar to the country (kalfus)
one big damn puzzler (harding)
glamorama (ellis)
suite francaise (nemirovsky)
oswald's tale: an american mystery (mailer)
the loved one (waugh)
lillian gish: her legend, her life (affron)
written lives (marias)
no angel (vincenzi)
something dangerous (vincenzi)
the viceroy's daughters: the lives of the curzon sisters (de courcy)
the diana chronicles (brown)
memoirs duc de saint-simon, vol. 1 (saint-simon)
into temptation (vincenzi)
clara bow: runnin' wild (stenn)
the other man: jfk jr, carolyn bessette & me (bergin)
pickford: the woman who made hollywood (whitfield)
too great a lady: the notorious, glorious life of emma, lady hamilton (elyot)
the world to come (horn)
dark angels (koen)
jackie (frischauer)
forever young (noonan)
myra brekinridge (vidal)
love in the time of taffeta (olson)
iv. (klosterman)
last train to memphis: the rise of elvis presley (guralnick)
the emperor's children (messud)
front row: anna wintour (oppenheimer)
jack's widow (pollard)
elvis & me (presley)
careless love: the unmaking of elvis presley (guralnick)
through a glass darkly (koen)
sex with the queen (herman)
the black dahlia (ellroy)
elizabeth (taraborrelli)
the black tulip (dumas)
the princess of cleves (lafayette)
diana (bradford)
the three musketeers (dumas)
the dud avacado (dundy)
the civil war: a narrative (foote)
the merry-go-round (maugham)
what remains (radziwill)


Linda said...

dag, yo.

oline said...


Les Savy Ferd said...

"dag, yo" --seconded.

also, slipping the foote in there toward the end is a bit of a misnomer. It should count as like 5 lines, not one. not book, book, book, book, ridiculously long book, book, book...