30 September 2007

3 september: a revue

(in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world)

"terrorism is all around us, people. it's in our dinnerware and our dixie chicks."

"we are totally freaking ourselves out because a man may or not be dead or sleeping in our parking lot."

"have i told you i'm painting my bedroom?"
"WHAT?!? hell no, you've never told me about your indian background."

"i hate talking during intimate moments because there's nothing you can say that doesn't sound like it came from a movie."

"seriously. i'm like a newborn deer in these shoes. why do I keep wearing them? because they are the cutest things ever. but yes. yearling."

"maybe that's why she couldn't give the info over the PA system or in a memo... because people needed to gather to see her accessories."

"he was barely a friend before he hurdled into 'you are the one'ness."

"new life, new people... and no one to say 'ooh, you got glasses!'"

"it's nothing a trip to the bathroom can't fix."

"why stress out over something when you don't even know what it is?"

"yeah, well, you know i am my mother."

"it does not pay to be in the fourth row when there's full-frontal."

"look at you being all glam like one of those sex & the city girls we're always talking bad about."

"this is going to be SUCH fun. we're going to have SUCH a good time... yeah, is it really obvious i SO don't want to go?"

"the sunset is so beautiful. can you hear it?"

"you don't have to apologize for coughing. i'm in no position to judge. my entire lifestyle has been subsidized by phlegm."

"is it ok to very calmly begin counting down?"


Meggie said...

It's a picture of my hubby's twin!! Awww.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i love that at the end of every month i get to chuckle once more at that wonderful Joey still. Friends haters must be the saddest people in the world, because as repetitive as it got late in its years, most of those many many episodes had something in it that made me laugh way more than most anything else.

oline said...

as long as i live, the drunken ross-uttered phrase "MY FAJITAS!" will make me die laughing.