16 August 2007

3 mistress information, get me memphis, tennessee

elvis is my heritage. he's in my family tree.

to me, this mississippi boy is memphis. stick me anywhere in the world, and if elvis is there, i am home.

it's not about the songs or the hair or the life drama or the fact that there was always something more than a little naughty about the leather jumpsuits, the mother love, and the 14-year-old girl. it's nothing to do with any of this.

it's all about that voice. a voice that captures better than any other thing in this world the aching and frustration and bother and beauty of being from memphis.

[as a random concluding addendum to our dead week festivities- today i wore blue rhinestone heels and i honestly felt that i was more productive and more mentally clear and more able to solve other people's problems throughout the day than i have been in weeks. had someone brought their autistic child to me, it is very possible i could've cured him too. all this because i was wearing rhinestones and blue shoes. ah, the power of the elvischrist.]


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oline said...

he lives!

*~JoDi~* said...

"it's all about that voice"


I always wonder what the world and music would be like today if Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were all still alive?