26 June 2007

6 june: a (premature, abbreviated) revue

(in no particular order & uttered by various citizens of the Oline in the City world)

"why are we all forever 21 now that we're 26?"

"clearly, i don't want to be t.s. eliot because he was impotent and unfeeling, but it is reassuring to have one's current career lot thrown in with the likes of good old thomas stearns."

"well i don't want to be his friend really. i know i said i would, but it's not like i meant it."

"car places are douches."

"it was terribly romantic though. we were by the river just standing and talking for hours and kind of necking- or whatever it is you do just prior to initiating a first kiss that is going to take three hours to not happen."

"our nins are not glass vases."

"i am a tool fool."

"of course, the vieve would look good in a brown paper bag."

"you could retire at 40, but you'd have to explain to Jesus."

"i've gone so low i've had to leave."

"she told her all about it. and i was amazed to know how dead on she was in describing the thing. i've talked marriage with people who wouldn't know where to begin."

"i am one smoking hussy."

"his presence is not your entire world, but it is a happy little occurrence."

"i am a heavily obese person in disguise."

"apparently, in my sleep, i am very unchristian."

"it's the only gay thing i've done in a long while."

"aw. you have dandruff and i'd never even touch you but that's so sweet."

"that is why these cakes are so special. they are from costco, which I do not attend."

"aren't you glad you were single on sunday morning?"

"the cake ended up being a lesson in forgiveness."

"i feel like I have to prove that I'm not little and afraid even though i am."

"it's like a season finale!"

"everything is frodo's fault."


Linda said...

Early quote day! How fabulous! this is like early Christmas! so, like early christmas, will it be a let down when Real quote day arrives and there isn't anything?

oline said...

since you'll be in my actual presence on Real quote day, one would hope it won't be a let down. but i'll be sure to put on my fancies just to make it up.

Meggie said...

Caro, real quote day is my wedding day. Think of all the weird things that are gonna be said on that day!

oline said...

honey, your wedding's going to warrant a post all its own.

Meggie said...

Oh, my brother is plotting how best to antagonize my future mother-in-law. He's decided she is really easy to piss off and that excites him. So, plan for fireworks!

oline said...

fireworks? wahoo!