29 May 2007

12 26 + 1 (to grow on)

26) manic street preachers - wattesville blues
25) pj harvey - kamikaze
24) okkervil river - west falls
23) r.e.m. - leave
22) bright eyes - i believe in symmetry
21) belle & sebastian - lazy line painter jane
20) clem snide - action
19) inxs - never tear us apart
18) gogol bordello - mishto
17) tori amos - little amsterdam
16) clem snide - let's explode
15) the bangles - hero takes a fall
14) whiskeytown - bar lights
13) hole - heaven tonight
12) tori amos - take to the sky
11) placebo - every you every me
10) brian eno - baby's on fire
9) man man - ice dogs
8) neutral milk hotel - ghost
7) ryan adams - come pick me up
6) wolf parade - i'll believe in anything
5) devotchka - queen of the surface streets
4) the magnetic fields - long-forgotten fairytale
3) new order - ceremony
2) elvis presley - suspicious minds
1) the arcade fire - wake up
* u2 - ultraviolet


Meggie said...

No Madonna's "Like a Prayer"?? Horribly offended.

oline said...

clearly that would be 27. which reminds me that i need to bring that come july so we can have A Moment.

Lara Ehrlich said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my Oh! Weiner Circle, here we come!

oline said...

oh steak fries. is there anything more glorious? thank you for going along, croftie. i know the weiner's circle isn't exactly our kind of place.

Linda said...

tee hee. Weiner.

oline said...

a twelve-year-old couldn't have said it better.

Unknown said...

a big yeah for r.e.m.'s "leave," one of my favs by them off what is probably their most underrated, and yet totally kickass, albums.

and any mention of tori makes me happy.

oline said...

admittedly the whole "thong song" intro of "leave" is a bit off-putting, but such an incredible song. and on an album that is definitely in my top five.

Osutein said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I figure, based on our usual traditions, that I'll need to have a birthday present for you by September. At the earliest.

Also, I assume this is a list of your favorite song at each age of your life, which means you discovered the arcade fire long, long before the rest of us. You're not secretly Canadian, are you?

oline said...

thank you much. and yes, the celebrations will commence 6-8 months hence.

indeed, two-year-old win butler was entertaining me cribside and bono was at my birth.

Les Savy Ferd said...

baby sing-a-longs? gross.

oline said...

did you not sing as a child, pirate? childhood was perhaps the only time that my voice was barely tolerable.