10 April 2007

10 shoes & the city

i love high heels. there's something magical about walking down the street amidst flurries, swishing your skirt and strutting atop some stilettos.

but stilettos are made for people who own cars and dash into restaurants. people who are at such leisure as to take no more than 8-13 steps at a time. people who will be spending the evening off their feet.

stilettos are not made for writers who have to walk many many blocks and ride trains and walk many many more blocks and then mill about casually sipping cocktails as though their feet weren't screaming all the while. this is a lesson i have yet to learn (damn you, carrie bradshaw).

bee and i went out. there were some kick-ass freaking awesome yellow shoes. for the first two hours, they were like pillows. then there was suddenly the sensation of having a dull razor run across each sole with every step. i wanted to rip them from my feet and thieve walgreen's for a pair of bargain bin keds. i wanted to never see these shoes again. i wanted to never again in my life be so recklessly costumed.

but then, as i was stifling screams and hobbling off the train, a man whom i've never seen before and will probably never see again brushed against me, glanced at my feet, made shy eye-contact and said quietly, "miss, nice shoes."

worth every bloody step.


Clark MF Price said...

What is up with people not commenting on your posts?
A little pain is definitely worth the random unsolicited compliment. I mean I still wear my venerable 13yr old combat boots to metal/punk shows just so everybody will know that I will rule the effing school.
That's the same thing right?

oline said...

i am in no way dissing the yellow shoes, because they are unspeakably awesome and completely rock and make my legs look all kinds of fabulous- but, in the interest of full disclosure, this went a teeny bit beyond "a little pain." had i been hit by a bus yesterday (six days post-"nice shoes"), the doctors trying to save my life would have wondered why the patient was wearing three pairs of socks and had carebear bandaids covering the bullet wounds in her heels.

Linda said...

We haven't really discussed your healing regiment in great detail. What are you using? Neosporin? Vitamin E? taking lysine supplements? Let's discuss your skin tissue here!

oline said...

let's just say i'm a slow healer and will probably be rocking the carebear bandaids for quite some time. they're the antibiotic kind though with the neosporin already slathered on so am antibioticized.

and what on earth is lysine? is my lack of lysine the cause of my wounds' inordinately slow healing? do i need to be lysineisizing as well? momda to the rescue!

Linda said...

Lyside is a supplement that helps rebuild tissue. I've taken it for canker sores, but it is supposed to speed up the healing of any type of tissue damage. I'd at least give it a shot! Also get you some vitamin E capsules and break them open and slather it on at night. It is the natural version of neosporin without all the chemically stuff that your skin may not like. Don't I sound like I skin know-it-all now.. I'm really not. I just have AWESOME ideas is all.

oline said...

lindear! i never knew you were a dermi. and your public discussion of cankers is making me feel much better about my bullethole heels.

furthermore, for the record (and i know i started it, but still)- slather? GROSS word.

Linda said...

Cankers are far grosser than bullethole heels, this is true! (until the said bulletholes start to heal and make those "does she have a disease?" scabs.. and there I cannot help you)

oline said...

well, things have taken quite a nasty turn here (i won't even mention your to├ęzit). will be sure to let you know, nursda, when my bullethole heels heal (all an excuse to use a homophone, really). did i mention that i'm the tiredest person in The World?

Linda said...

oh, cursed toezit!

None said...

You are absolutely right....hight heels are magic.
I love to wear them, though I only started to do at the age of 50!

Kind regards from The Netherlands.