03 April 2007

7 listen up!

balkan beat box, balkan beat box
brian jonestown massacre, and this is our music
malajube, trompe-l'œil
menomena, friend and foe
mika, life in cartoon motion


oline said...

clearly, a list that owes a ginormous debt to monsieur le pirate de ferdinand cosbO, whose troves from whence 2/5ths of the aforementioned treasures came hither.

(how's that for some janked up syntax?)

Les Savy Ferd said...

It's like your mission statement.

Tired of that stanky old prose of your parent's blogs? Try Oline in the City. There now. How's that for some janked up syntax?

thanks for the shout-out. Now we'll have to get some musical cross pollination going seeing as I've never heard of the other 3 bands on your list.

oline said...

oline in the city- where syntax comes to slut it up.

guess i'll be packing some discs at passover. mika is the flavor of the week- an exceedingly flamboyant cross between george michael, freddy mercury, annie lennox and new radicals with maybe a touch of the magnetics on acid. if the brutus statue had theme music, this would be it.

Bombsy said...

the mika fairy visited me!

oline said...

we've gots to keep the barracks rocking!

Bombsy said...

i would smite you with the lily allen fairy, but something tells me she's not your cupatee.
or is she? LET'S JUST FIND OUT!

oline said...

by all means, smite me. i've been waiting all day to be smiteneded. and i love that we live in a musical fairyland!