17 April 2007

4 in excess

continuing in this theme of things i began ages ago and never finished,
an entirely random musing on michael hutchence.

i miss michael hutchence. which might sound bizarre since i never knew him and he's been dead for ten years and i'm only just now realizing this.

and i know inxs have lost some of their credibility. the high of their career was probably over at the time of hutch's death then there was the very VH1-looking posthumous solo album and the dave navarro reality show star-search for a replacement. they were a seven member band. you would think someone could've picked up the fallen gauntlet. but no. but still...

when i was six, the television was in a corner against the wall which my bed backed against on the other side. my father was going through this mid-life VH1 phase and they only ever seemed to play enya's "oricano flow," fine young cannibals' "she drives me crazy," and inxs' "i need you tonight."

i remember lying awake night after night picturing hutch. i didn't really know who he was, but there was something very troubling yet incredibly hot about him. he was my first crush, and probably the least embarrassing (matthew modine, anyone?).

because even after all these years "elegantly wasted" is a damn good song, i fell into an inxs moment the other day. and i finally began to understand the sadness that is the story of michael hutchence.

the man was bono let loose and ungrounded and gone wrong and unable to get himself back on course. he became embroiled in this dramatic tabloid triangle with paula yates. they had a daughter while she was still married to bob geldoff. a few years after hutchence's death, yates killed herself too. all very plath and hughes.

in that context, it seems a strange intimacy to listen to inxs now. these big anthems of youthful hope and love and faith doused in glitz and gin. they're a band that came of age with u2. but their bono let go.


Les Savy Ferd said...

she drives me crazy, WOO-WOO!

oline said...

sail away, sail away...

Unknown said...

never tear us apart is still one of the sexiest tunes out there, cbs's rock star be damned.

oline said...

that line where he goes some of them don't know whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?