06 February 2007

0 ghosts

the bombshell and i went to heaven last night. we've been before. we took good notes and we're quite sure we kind of maybe sort of wrote about it- though all traces of the journey have disappeared from the face of our hard-drives. thus, last night we went to heaven for the first time... again.

it's funny the difference some months can make. before, in heaven, we were raucous. we sat in the window of starbucks overlooking the first of our city's shivering nights and we wondered if jackie would smoke. we talked about britney spears and wisdom and shit.

this time around, heaven was a whole other world. this time around, bundled in a bazillion sweaters and hoodies and scarves and gloves, we ventured into the freezicating cold and went to church. before the altar, on our knees, we lit candles and prayed that all would be well with the blonde one.

and then we sat- over a latte and cider and the second cranberry bliss bar from the back- curled up on a warm leather couch in another starbucks. our coats bundled over us like blankets, we pondered married people and redecorating and emotional defenses and iconicity. and we took our girls back to heaven, where marilyn would be zen and jackie would be tempted to redecorate.

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