20 February 2007

2 even cookies can discern


Osutein said...

Personally, I wonder why they even call them "fortune cookies" anymore. They're far more like "compliment cookies" nowadays, or even "things that might have taken place in your recent past cookies" with sayings like "you recently took an important journey." Which is even more useless since I don't need a cookie to tell me what I've done. Now, if they sold a hangover medicine with little messages like that inside, it'd be useful. Like you wake up on your bathroom floor, pop open a pill and find a small scrap of paper reading, "you did 8 shots of tequila, attempted to grope Tom's girlfriend, then threw up on the couch before your now ex-friends called you a cab." That I could use. Are you listening to me, China?!

oline said...

you tell 'em, sensei. the "what you did last night" cookie could be HUGE.