03 February 2007

4 bright lights, shivering city

when you move to chicago, a bargain is struck. this city will play host to karaoke lesbian theatre benefits when you most need them. it will deliver cabs on deserted street corners in the dead of night. it will let breezes blow through upon which the petals can dance. this city will never let you down.

it will, however, sometimes leave you colder than anyone has ever before been in the history of humanity.

the cold, people, the cold. i became rather good friends with all seven degrees of it while traipsing about town to meet up with MM at an indian restaurant last night. despite four pairs of socks, still my shoes felt like bags of ice water.

but the cold is a negligible bother when fun is to be had. we were venturing forth to catch bombsy's latest theatrical endeavor- a quartet of tennessee williams one-acts. the bombshell was, of course, unspeakably awesome. and due to a misheard line, we emerged with a glorious new catch phrase, which we will proceed to drive into the ground: "slut bucket."

my life is a .... bucket!

did he just say "my life is a slut bucket"?

he did just say, "my life is a slut bucket."

no, no. i'm quite sure he said "slop bucket."

i am shocked tenneessee williams would say "slut."

no, it was slop.

well, we're going to pretend he said "slut."

ok, ok. well then, this weather is a total slut bucket.


Bombsy said...

ewmigawd! was that during the pink bedroom? it is entirely possible that rob added "slut". Rebecca has been known to scream out the f bomb on ocassion. Neither of these words is in the script, but you know...emotion...

oline said...

'twas indeed the pink bedroom and he probably really did say "slop" but both MM and i heard "slut" and nearly died laughing.

great show, bombsylove!!!

Clark MF Price said...

Give me a definition of "Slut Bucket"

Much like how a mathematician can develop new formulae, I believe an Anglicizationist* should be able to make words and definitions.

*see how easy that was?

oline said...

"slut bucket" is a multi-faceted term essentially analagous to "crap."

my life is a slut bucket.

ie. my life is crap.

that party was a slut bucket.

ie. that party was crap.

in certain contexts it may also imply that a bucket of sluts have been had by the slut bucketeer.

and i'm loving "anglicizationist"- primarily due to the odd almost "czar" upon which it pivots.