11 February 2007

6 the $3 man man

"there are too many people trying to look like individuals here."

"who is that?"
"that's a man man."

"a maph reunion? it's been three years. are we really ready to reunite?"

"can i just say- thank God we're not forever 21."

"i can't begin to tell you how riveted i am to this anna nicole smith business. it's like there was a mystery and then out of nowhere there's a whole new other mystery you didn't see coming and then another and another. it's like the greatest miss marple ever told."

"y'know, we're the only girls going tits out here."
"maybe that's something you have to harness. tits out! a power discoverable only with age."

"there's wayne from the wonder years."
"i'd been wondering where he'd been all these wonderful years."

"i remember being at pitchfork, but all i really remember about pitchfork is being pissed off that people were standing on our blanket."

"the funny thing about this picture is that we're the only ones in it who can legally drink."

"EVANSTON! it's like twenty train stops away. that's practically canada or something! really, how far from the city are we?"
"um... 8 miles."


Les Savy Ferd said...

evantson = chicago's canada. priceless.

also i will defend it to the DEATH. pitchfork will be/was not as horrible as y'all remember it. all i'm saying is $25 for 50 something bands. puh-leeze. i'll suffer through some weather for that any summer.

also thank you for attending the chicago ehrlich (and assorted boyfriend and jbb addenda) convention. you can pick up your gift-basket at...

oline said...

seriously, it seemed so much further.

and i know, i know. yay pitchfork. give me one more week and i'll be begging to be 110 degrees.

the chicago ehrlich (&AB&JA) convention was awesome, and with taxi service to boot. as father cupcake would say: "whoo doggies!" (though admittedly, i have no idea why father cupcake says that).

Les Savy Ferd said...

sounds like a huxtabulian phrase to me... we related?

oline said...

quite possibly- what with all the doppelgangers you have running about.

Les Savy Ferd said...

damn my clone-able genes!

oline said...

dearest pirate- bless you for the shins!

and, while we were in "canada," K was very very very adamant that we MUST have the musical exchange as soon as may be. that woman is sorely lacking in the music that has defined our past two years.