30 August 2006

25 the whiney voices venue

since we've clearly tapped into a need for an ongoing dialogue among people with a mutual affection for whiney voiced bands, the dread pirate had this fabulous idea:

"by the way let me propose a joint venture. I say you devote an upcoming article, either for OitC or JBB (i only suggest the former because it so clearly betrays its Olinian partialities) for a list of the top 10 Whiny-voiced albums of all time. I say we pool our resources here. As many people as we can gather (and trust, mind) submit their top 10. From their the top vote getters move on. It will be ever so much fun.

Perhaps we should first define the ground rules for an album to qualify. Perhaps narrow the vocal range or at least say the following adjectives apply (nasal, fey, etc..).

my mind is a-blur."

howsabout a dual article for JBB- like the men of the east and west coasts? DDP could take the whiney men. Prof. J. could handle the women (whiney or otherwise).

discuss amongst yourselves...


Bombsy said...

White Blood Cells?
Anything by the Flaming Lips?

oline said...

we're working without rules, but here's who popped to mind in not really any order:

neutral milk hotel- the aeroplane over the sea

kings of leon- aha shake heartbreak

clem snide- your favorite music

hefner- the fidelity wars

clap your hands say yeah- CYHSY

REM- new adventures in hi-fi

arcade fire- funeral

coldplay- a rush of blood to the head

bright eyes- lifted

hefner- the fidelity wars

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

What has two thumbs and is listening to the new Petey album?

oline said...

good??? since am firmly in the judge an album by it's cover art camp, would hope so.

nick said...

love these convos - sad bastard music infiltrates my life, daily. would lobby in addition to aforementioned:

the decemberists - picaresque
rogue wave - descended like vultures
rufus wainwright - poses
electric president - self-titled
snow patrol - eyes open
stereophonics - language. sex. violence. other?
death cab - plans
josh ritter - the animal years
muse - black holes & revelations

oline said...

picaresque was on my list. must have removed itself. bizzarre. weren't they coming to town? weren't we all excited and planning to go? what happened there?

dread pirate, wherever you are, think we need an official definition of whiney. because there's a very fine line between whiney and weird. kings of leon (and if you haven't heard them inform the music fairy immediately) are probably just exceptionally weirdly voiced and have no place here beyond it being my blog and my wanting to flaunt them at every opportunity because they ROCK.

n- was the latest stereophonics good? listened to "dakota" for months but never really moved beyond it. know performance and cocktails is mahvelous. his voice is so tragic. always makes me want it to rain.

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

Head Automatica--Decadence
Placebo--Sleeping with Ghosts
PeteY Orn--Music for the Morning After
Sarsailor--Love is Here
Travis--The Man Who
The Cure--Boys Don't Cry
Violent Femmes--Hallowed Ground
Jeff Buckley--Grace
Radiohead--Ok Computer

Not in any specific order, just the ones that I listen to the most.

Still not sleeping. Haha. I am breaking all the rules!

nick said...

o- simple answer... stereophonics are good, period. i will include language. sex. violence. other? in exchange. dakota is on there, and one of the best tracks. and if you're a fan, you will love the muse disc in its entirety, beyond the one mp3 i shot your way. similar, but different. but the cd gave me goosebumps on first listen.

binga - Ok Computer is on my list of greatest albums of all time. i don't care what flak i get, but it is The Wall of our generation. in-effing-credible from first electronic blip to it's final headphones plunge into black. and i love Travis, but always too hit/miss for an album to be labeled as a whole.

bombsy - have you heard the Postal Service remix of Do You Realize? a song so loopy it slipped me a mickey.

oline said...

oh, bombsy. you NEED the postal service too! (obviously, now that you've admitted to enjoying my musical offerings, a bombardment will commence.)

c- way to put buckley up there. that note in "lover, you should have come over" (very much like that note in ryan adams' "rescue blues") is priceless. and am always glad to see my homeland represent. (this binga business is beyond weird!)

n- do have LSV. just haven't given it much of a chance. will do so now.

Les Savy Ferd said...

As regarding the definition of whiney I would suggest the following things. Singers who truly have an exceptional vocal range (however much they employ it) should be avoided. I'm thinking of your coldplays your radioheads your travis(es) and your muses here. These mans actually have nice singing voices which they use from time to time for aesthetic delight. However the lead singer of Clem Snide is all nasal, etc.

just trying to formulate some ground rules here. also we should probably limit the list to the last 20 years as i am clueless beyond that (save for your mainstays, your beatles, stones, bowies, etc.)


oline said...

so we're talking whineyness of the clem, clap your hands, starsailor, neutral milk hotel variety? would we lump the decembrists in there?

JJerm said...

me in charge of the whiney women...why does this suddenly sound like a summary of my entire dating life?

nick said...

i can see dp clearly drawing a line in the sand between whiney & sad bastard music. totally respectable, and gives this exercise more definition. well played, well played.

Les Savy Ferd said...

i'm thinking the CYHSY warble is a very good example, perhaps the definition of whiney, however that does not mean they are #1 (and may not even make some people's lists). Another benchmark on the whine-o-meter (which does not gauge the drunkeness of transients) is of course _Aeroplane_ which may in fact be my favorite album of all time to say nothing of the whiniest.

If we had been more timely with this we could have set it up VMA style:

Your nominees for Lead Whine-ster for a rock/pop band are: etc.

and I would definitely include Colin (Meloy?) of the decemberists as stupendously whinetastic.

nick said...

Colin is the whiniest of them all - and you kids should hop on to that Chi-town show. they're hitting up the ATL, and i will be there to see them for my second time. love, love, love that band.

speaking of VMAs, don't forget J. Black as the host of the real VMAs tonite 8p EST (7p Central)

oline said...

fortunately jack's dear (INCREDIBLY communicative) fanbase has been sending their support for upwards of three weeks. thus, his trusty editors were not caught unawares.

dread pirate- i could possibly decemberisticate with you if the little one isn't up for it and you need accompaniment. otherwise- because saw them before and because of the upcoming man man/art brut-we are scientists/placebo streak- will probably forgo the loveliness and sit this one out.

nick said...

we are scientists... i am so jealous

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

First of all to clear things up, the words "Binga Binga" are from a Dillinger Escape Plan song called "Pig Latin" when they collaborated with Mike Patton. I know this means absolutely nothing to some of you guys and dolls.
Secondly, I can't believe I spelled it "Sarsailor," for this I am sorry. I think I might change my Binga Binga since it gives Carobean such a weirding. How come you hate all of my nicknames?

oline said...

actually, the creepiness of the nickname pales in comparison to the profile identifying you as a girl! not to be a bitch or anything- but i would like to gently remind you of the pscyhological beating inflicted upon me and my masculine yet musically sensitive entourage in the spring of 2002 when we went to that free starsailor concert. methinks there needs to be a public eating of those words.

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

it still says girl? OH EM GEE!!! I had changed that and given myself a picture as well. This Blogger is making me crazy.
Yes, Yes. I knew this would come back to haunt me. I AM SORRY THAT I PICKED ON YOU GUYS ABOUT SEEING STARSAILOR. Satisfied? You also might remember that the guy I was back then was a major idiot. I also said lots of stupid things that I thought were absolute truths but turned out to be the mistaken ramblings of an egomaniac. I know that may come as a suprise to you and all. I also like to think that I have grown since then, if not musically then in other places. Who knows? I feel like Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds 2, when the AB's betrayed him and the "Nerds" took him in and made him one of their own. He realized that he had been wrong the whole time and that he actually liked what he once railed against in ignorance.
What I am saying is that I can't change my profile on here to save my life and I don't know why it doesn't save the changes.
Was that a public enough apology?

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

Is it working now? If not then I am going to scream.

oline said...

that had to be the fastest sex change ever! you may now enjoy your hipster music in peace without my snide i told you sos. the oline is offically appeased.

[cue sappy, end of afterschool special music.]

oline said...

i seem to say officially a lot.

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

So what about this nickname?
It does have a certain significance.

oline said...