21 August 2006

5 la belle et le bad boy

maybe all you dear musical know-it-mosts are already in the know, in which case am outing myself as behind-the-timesoline. but ah well.

for the past month or so i've been privately rocking to mc solaar. yes. french rap. obviously not your typical oline fare, but it's made fantastically awkward accompaniment to the marie antoinette and madame de pompadour books. and it's hella' good.

so, if you're into the french, rap, french rap, or weird musical juxtapositions, mc solaar= highly recommended.


Bombsy said...

omg! can i borrow it? i love french rap!!!! oline, you consistantly amaze me.

oline said...

i will burn you

oline said...

ok. so that's why leaving a comment while simultaneously leaving a rather over-detailed voicemail message about a fashion show and a missing photog is probably not a good idea.

what sounded like a death threat or an offer of a burned cd from a non-native english speaker was actually supposed to imply: of course dearest bombshell. i shall burn you a copy by the pillbox hour.

chipotle, marilyn, jackie, the bombshelter, kitties and french rap. if we don't produce theatrical brilliance tonight there is simply no excuse.

Bombsy said...

With all that fabulousness, we can't help but bring it.

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

MC Solaar Torrent

And if you don't know how to use Bit-Torrent then I don't even know you anymore.