03 August 2006

2 it's hard out here for a dyed haired woman

since the Great Memphis Flights Fiasco of 2006 has been resolved, i will, in fact, be making a cameo next week (so incredibly unbelieveably unfortunately almost not quite the 29th Elvis Presley Memorial Dead Week 2006). so there will be parents and grandparents and clients and public appearances. all this after 14 shampoos.

we're all familiar with the lips of disapproval. they're a croftie trademark. a simple slip of a single facial muscle that effectively communicates volumes. though the eyebrows of encouragement, the giggles of embarrassment, and the claps of glee are also powerful weapons in our leopard-printed arsenal of feminine wiles, the lips of disapproval have consistently been the most effective and efficient.

for some reason i never imagined the lips of disapproval could have any effect over the phone (and apparently the IBF has been exorcised and the animosity shifted to telephonery), so heavily did their impact rely upon the visual. it would seem i was wrong.

last night, over the phone, my mum heard about midnight noir. there was an oh. then, i know, there were the lips of disapproval. major, grade A, top notch, award-winning lips of disapproval. oh what we could have learned from these lips of disapproval. a treatise could have been written. insight could have been gained. we could now know how the already laudable effectiveness and efficiency of the lips of disapproval can be increased, can win wars, can imperil civilizations, can jeopordize epochs. i can only shake my black-haired head in wonder. alas, the stupid phone.


Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

At least you got the hard part out of the way. It will only get easier, if at an albeit small gradation. When are you coming to Memphis? My friend John should be working on a movie there then. That's why he has to miss my show. I am rambling again. Sleepy sleep for me. Too much swimming.

Bombsy said...

I think you're beautiful with black hair!