25 August 2006

5 he had it coming

(and before you even have time to doubt and wonder, oline! is this for reals?! let me assure you, i am not this clever. there's no freying here.)

we've covered this before. but some things are too good not to exploit for a third or fourth or twenty-fifth time. case in point: the latest- and quite possibly most sophisticated and linguistically economical- in an illustrious line of gloriously stupid friendster/myspace messages.
Chat Do you want to date me or friend two of us with. your guestion reply relationship self improvement hope !! I'm look at about type. Tell me.

a rough translation:
I am most unfortunately named Chat, though I don't always do so very intelligibly [alt. tras. I have mistakenly read your name as "Chat"]. Doesn't that make you long to date me? Or to become my friend? Or to go on a date with me and one of my friends? Or with me and my twin, Chet? You could friend the two of us and that's hot. I only have one guess as to how you might reply to my question (a "guestion"!). You would reply that you want a relationship that brings self-improvement. And hope!! [alt. trans. I only have one guess as to how you might respond to my question and that would imply a relationship based on self-improvement and hope.] You're a hoper. I'm a looker. And, look, my twin and I are all about that type of thing- hope and looks. We're all about your type. So date us or friend us. Tell me your reply.

while i don't feel quite so "beautifull" now and have concerns that my brows might have lost some of their strange appeal, it's good to know that if bombsy's scheme doesn't pan out, there are people to date. or, at the very least, people to friend two of us with.


nick said...

you officially attract the oddest friendster/myspace traffic of anyone i know. well done, requisitioline.

Bombsy said...

beleive message sent you sad monkey in cage from want friend make.

oline said...

i do indeed, sepiatonedolas (and that is a hell of a frightening word).

and translateslie bombsy, love. methinks you captured the essence. mesays bravo.

Meggie said...

Carolina, when are you going to learn that there are the oddest people online and they are attracted to us Southern girls?

At least your weirdos don't come out and say, "I whack off to your picture" as mine do. Disturbing. Very disturbing.

Bombsy said...

Yeah, mine send me pictures of blue monkeys along with marriage proposals.