10 August 2006

3 from oline in memphis

and i'm off- to read colette's claudine novels, to listen to a lot of elvis, to have some as-yet-determined detroit flight drama, to publically appear in memphis, to wildly galavant about mantachie, mississippi, and to the bring mother cupcake to chicagoland.

for those of you playdating with the vieve (and checking out the sexy new floor), a thousand thanks. the cupcakes are in the fridge.


Bombsy said...

Vieve will live in love while thou art gone, worry not.

nick said...

Hurray again for you navigating airtravel during a terrorism thwart! Just don't forget to bring your prescriptions and baby formula to the airport in a clear plastic bag... but for the love of Ron Burgundy don't you bring a book to read!

oline said...

believe me- there was a book!