08 August 2006

3 curses

i don't particularly like cursing (though there is that contingent that believes i unloose violent curses into a pillow every night and though on every single occasion where my bad driving might have led to death, i have said shit- which i really really would hope is not going to be my epitaph, but that's beside the point).

in writing it's fine and when the people around me curse, am not going to stop them or pull a frownie face or anything (unless my mum or small children are present, in which case you get death eyes, the brows of disgust and the lips of disapproval). but when they curse at me in anger, i want to claw them and that's not a particularly useful impulse. curses should be meaningful, significant, weighty. then when you're making A Big Point and do curse, it's all the more powerful. it's an actual curse, not an adjective.

so i was rather alarmed when the subject line of the ticketmaster reminder email for the wolf parade show flippantly included the phrase "Don't forget Wolf Parade, Holy F#$k!" it wasn't offensive but it wasn't welcoming either. it was by no means "kanga and the roos." coupled with the other opener's name it just seemed a response to exotic cuisine: holy f#$k! frog eyes!

all this made it incredibly difficult to tell people the name of the opening act. "holy eff" was too prudish. the alternative was too tourettes. we went the tourettes route but it still took a prolonged conversation before kahriysztieenuh realized the dread pirate and i were not shouting random obscenities, but identifying the band.

the shitty thing is that i kind of really liked "holy f#$k!" i kind of really want to buy their cd. i kind of really want to tell people about them. but what can you say? hey everyone, holy f#$k!


nick said...

to me... the problem with this sort of thing is if you ever "make it," they can't even say the name of your band on the radio. moreover, bands that put their potty mouth tendencies when they name their songs. can't say that either. as a former dj, i would just opt not to play that which i could not say on the air. i think the FCC wanted it that way.

lara said...

OOOH! New background! I love it! So fresh (GW!) and peachy (GW!) and delightful (!).

I don't comment often because I'm one of THOSE people we hate who never comment on blogs--probably because I'm too afraid to be boring that I never say anything, which makes me more boring than if I plucked up my courage and said something boring. Now, this is boring. But your blog isn't. It's great. And fresh.

oline said...

that sounded like a D-O ad, croftie! why are you one of those people we hate??? because you're never boring. you're plucky (!) and spunky (GW!) and are totally going to be gymtastic (GW!) when we finally join. then we can gymboree (GW!).