08 July 2006

4 "you there! hooligans!"

my oldest, dearest sister-friend libby got married last night in what turned out to be the funnest wedding of all time. growing up we whiled away entire summers sprawled on the cool wood floor before my GPs' television dipping vanilla wafers in chocolate pudding and watching judy garland musicals. a favorite was summer stock, in which a group of actors invade a hicktown farm and crash the historical society's barnyard polka, taking to the dance floor with their wild swing moves as the scandalized townfolk watch from the sidelines fearing for their saftey. it was appropriate then that libby's wedding should climax with a cluster of dancing grad students and bridesmaids singing "livin' on a prayer" at the top of their lungs while the "adults" looked on from a safe distance in wonder. there we were: shoes off, skirts hiked, voices shrill, arms entwined, singing with our eyes closed. magical.


JJerm said...

my favorite wedding moment: my best friend traci's wedding two years ago. end of the night, all the guests (mostly college kids and traci's soccer teammates) encircling the dancefloor, arms intertwined, mostly drunk out of their minds (including me and maaran) singing "Piano Man" as loud as we could.

best part: the photographer on the balcony above the dancefloor snapping away, click, click, click, the whole time.

"we're halfway there" indeed.

oline said...

fortunately by the time we got around to "u can't touch this" the photog had wedged her way into the circle and was clicking away. am sure there will be some awesomely unflattering yet fabulous photographs.

LOVE "piano man" and can see how that would easily lead to incredibly fun drunken times.

incidentally, the thom yorke made for excellent listening during the 3 hour chicago air traffic delay.

Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

You should have seen me and Lauren(Hallerein) dance to "Let's get it on." That was HI-larious. To say that she was hammered would be a severe understatement.
By the way Bon Jovi is the greatest. That song cannot be sung in low tones. It has to be screamed. To think that at age 5, I went to watch Charlotte's Web rather than gawk at them with my brother and sister.

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