28 July 2006

2 this household has no male heads

there is no male head in my household. we've established that already. and the situation has not changed. my household is headed only by my female head- filled with polka-dots, kennedy history, bungalow dreams, pretty words, witty one-liners, bird fears and the confederate army, clown divison. i think it's a pretty good head to have and a pretty good head to be heading a household. so, to my extensive audience of courtesy callers, no more of this pushy "let me speak with the male of head of the household" business. us staunch bombshells, we don't appreciate that.

UPDATE: not five minutes after the above was written, the phone rang. they asked for "the lady of the house." an obvious testament to the scope and power of my courtesy caller readership. well done, my friends.


Clark "not so effen hardcore" Price said...

I was singing karaoke tonight and I felt a very You influence. I started off with a little Goo-Goo Dolls, then I segued into some Monkees, and I finished with some Sugar Ray. All in all it was a GRAND night. I was queued for Suspicious Minds but they ran out of time. Next time though.

oline said...

i don't know that shameful pleasures should be bandied about so cavelierly. might lose all my pull with the courtesy caller audience if they know i'm a sugar ray closet case. then again, "answer the phone" is probably their anthem.